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House Mortgage Loan (HML)

House Mortgage Loan (HML)

The individual customer can avail loan on Mortgaging the house property which has been built within 10 years old. For this, the eligibility criteria for the land should be approved by the Government and they should get approval from PPA for construction of house, the parent document should be a period of 30 years, and the individual should submit Encumbrance Certificate for 30 years along with Income-Tax return filed for a period 3 years.

The customer shall remit 100/- to obtain House Mortgage Loan application from the Bank.
The customer should remit entrance fee of 5/- and enroll as “C” Class.
Member should obtain 10 of shares @ 10/- per share.
Recently taken Passport size photographs 2 No.
Photographs of the Proposed house which to be to be mortgaged with the Bank should be enclosed (front & side portion of the house).
The Proposed house which is to be mortgaged should have been constructed within 15 Years.
Copy of the parent document of the property for a period of 30 years.
Copy of the permission/approval issued by the Pondicherry Planning Authority.
Original Encumbrance Certificate for a period of 31 years should be submitted.
Income Certificate of the applicant/Income Tax Return filed for 3 years.
Copy of Family Ration Card 1 No. with self-attestation.
Copy of Aadhaar Card 1 No. with self-attestation.
Copy of Electroral Identity 1 No. with self-attestation.
Copy of Electricity Bill/Water Bill/House-Tax receipt in the name of owner/applicant should be submitted.
Original valuation certificate to be obtained from the Revenue Department.
Copy of FMB extract should be obtained from the Department of Land & Survey.
Copy of Indian Passport 1 No. with self-attestation.
Copy of Telephone Bill recently remitted 1 No. with self-attestation.
Copy of Indian Driving License 1 No. with self-attestation.
Tenure of Jewel loan is 60 months.
Rate of Interest @ 12.5% per annum, which may be revised as per the Bank’s Loan Policy.