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Loan to Salary Earners Co-op. Credit Societies

Loan to Salary Earners Co-op. Credit Societies

Loan shall be granted by the Bank to the Salary Earners Co-op. Credit Societies (also known as Employees’ Co-op. Credit Societies).
For issue of loans to their Members of the society, in order to meet their domestic needs.
Every year, target has to be fixed by the Head Office for each and every ECS as per the volume of loan availed by the society as well as the borrower power of the individual members;
Loans to the ultimate borrower shall be granted on the surety of the another member of the same society, with a minimum regular service of 3 years in the respective Government Departments or Organizations.
10% of the loan amount will be paid as Share.
Rate of Interest @ 9.5 % per annum, which may be revised as per the Bank’s Loan Policy
The repayment period may be fixed according to the requirement of the society concerned and whereas the maximum period is 60 monthly installments.