Loans & Advances

Jewel Loan :

The individual can avail Jewel loan from the bank at a reasonable rate of interest by enrolling themselves as “C” Class Members in the Bank and on pledge of the jewels they can avail jewel loan upto a maximum limit of `.8.00 lakh per individual.

The Owner of the jewels can avail Jewel loan.
The customer should remit entrance fee of `.5/- and enroll as “C” Class Member with 10 of shares @ `.10/- per share.
Recently taken Passport size photographs 2 No.
Copy of Family Ration Card 1 No. with self-attestation.
Copy of Aadhaar Card 1 No. with self-attestation.
Copy of Indian Passport 1 No. with self-attestation
Copy of Telephone Bill recently remitted 1 copy with self-attestation.
Copy of Indian Driving License 1 copy with self-attestation.
Jewel value will be appraised on the basis of the market value, subject to change from time to time.
Tenure of Jewel loan is 12 months.
Rate of Interest @ 13.5% per annum, which may be revised as per the Bank’s Loan Policy.