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Overdraft / Cash Credit Loan

Overdraft / Cash Credit Loan

Individuals who are operating Current Account for more than a year, the Bank is providing Overdraft facilities to the professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Architects, Businessmen, employed in the Government of Puducherry, Govt. Undertaking Institutions, Govt. Educational Institutions.

The applicant should have a current account with the Bank and should be enrolled as ‘C’ Class Member or “D” Class Member at the time of commencement of operation in the Overdraft account/Cash Credit Loan.
The period of overdraft will be for 12 months i.e. From January to December
Overdraft account should be closed by bringing down the balance to “NIL” as Current Account on the month of December every year and it will be renewed as Overdraft for the next year i.e. from January onwards.