Demand draft / Pay order / Bankers cheque / Cheque book / AIMAS :

Demand Draft shall be issued by the bank and to be collected at any bank in India.
Pay Order / Bankers Cheque issued by the Bank and to be collected at any bank in the local region.
Cheque Books are issued to the Valuable customers of the Bank operating Savings and Current A/c.
AIMAS is an arrangements of funds transfer between Co-operative Banks which are operated in India by settlement through AIMAS Demand Draft.

Bank Guarantee / Solvency Certificate :

The Bank shall issue Bank Guarantee / Solvency Certificate to the Valuable Customers on their request of the Customer for taking Government Tenders / Contracts / Letter of Credit for Imports & Exports etc.,

Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS) / National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) :

The Bank customers shall transfer their funds to any bank in India through RTGS/NEFT facility and settlement made within the day.

Short Message Service :

Both Savings Bank A/c. & Current Deposit A/c. customers transaction details are intimated immediately to the customer’s mobile number through SMS facilities. For this facility the bank shall charge quarterly basis a sum of Rs. 15/- only.